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Jude Kelly CBE | Director, Women of the World Foundation
Dawinder is determined to dream big and encourages others in her community to be similarly bold. She has fully committed to using art and culture to unlock and celebrate stories and individuals and has been inventive and groundbreaking in her approach. She's gained the trust of the widest range of people, persuading them that the arts is their right and that they should engage and contribute. As a producer and curator, she is a role model for other young women for whom the arts is often perceived as too maverick an environment. She's making a difference to the cultural wealth of the UK and she deserves recognition for that stamina and regional loyalty. 

Wayne Hemingway MBE | HemingwayDesign
Dawinder Bansal, produced possibly the most engaging art installation at National Festival of Making 2018. Her Making of a South Asian Wedding’ took audiences on a colourful journey, experiencing British Asian culture and wedding traditions. Her installation and her energetic presence in Blackburn Market attracted thousands of people and crossed cultural boundaries. She had people sewing, baking and most importantly smiling and talking to people that had never met before. Dawinder is right up our street at HemingwayDesign, a creative, hard working person with a down to earth approach. 

Preet Kaur Gill MP
Dawinder is a dynamic woman who has built resilience despite her obstacles. She has succeeded due to her values and leadership and I have a great deal of respect and admiration to her contribution to arts. It is wonderful to see Asian women leading in the arts and inspiring the future generation. She is hardworking and so humble. In 2016, Dawinder Bansal was selected in the Sikh Network #350SikhWomen Campaign as she has excelled in her area of work in the arts and deserved to be recognised and celebrated. 
Shobna Gulati | Writer & Actress 
Dawinder is a passionate and determined woman who is an educator through art and history. She understands the values of shared histories across communities. She values and seeks out voices from people who are mostly on the edge of our society, bringing fresh understanding and insight into what brings us together as human beings at such divisive and difficult times. She is capable of reaching out and promoting visibility. Dawinder is special because she is skilful and has an innate ability to really connect with people from all walks of life and communicate and share their experiences through fantastic creative arts productions. 
Kahlil Ashanti | American actor & writer
Dawinder Bansal's skill and prowess as a writer, producer and creator are in and of themselves admirable but what impresses me about her the most is her integrity and humility.  Since meeting her in 2005 she has continually strived to broaden her skill set, and to grow in ways that added significant value to her colleagues and the productions she has been involved with. Hard work, dedication and a true love for her work set her apart in so many ways. Her professional disposition, her fun and endearing demeanour and her ability to make everyone in the room feel welcome are a true inspiration to me, and I've seen this inspire others. 

Waseem Mahmood OBE | Writer & Media Consultant 
Dawinder’s pioneering work in arts and culture needs to be recognised and acknowledged. Her drama, “Mother tongues from farther lands” was an ambitious undertaking. Working with marginalised sections of the community through participatory workshops was exactly what is needed in today’s art scene.  Women from underrepresented communities were heard for the first time and had their stories played out to mainstream audiences to critical acclaim. This was not only empowering for the women but also an important insight into a community that often remains hidden from the wider society. Her art installation, “Jambo Cinema” was equally important. Though she was telling her own story, the project encapsulated a slice of life that almost every Asian growing up in the eighties would have found familiar. In todays age when the arts is crying out for diversity, projects such as Dawinder’s need to be championed. ​
Emma Chetcuti | Executive Director, Multistory
Dawinder Bansal is an artist and producer who is putting the lives and experiences of the Asian community at the heart of her practice. Dawinder specialises in recording the everyday stories and experiences of communities in order to produce powerful works of art realised as films, installations, plays and audio stories. Dawinder's work creates a platform for the untold stories of her community to be presented to new audiences, building bridges between different cultures and generations at a time of greater tension and suspicion between communities. Dawinder's work is an inspiration to young Asian artists as she paves the way for them to see that a career in the arts is possible and achievable.

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