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Asian Women & Cars - Launching soon!

Over the past few months, I've been busy working away on my brand new art commission called Asian Women & Cars: Road to Independence.

I came up with the idea about 18 months ago while speaking to my aunty and mother about their contrasting stories about driving. My aunt learned to drive, worked a few jobs to support the family income. She also raised her two young children, largely on her own.

Photo Credit: Outroslide Photography

While my mother always wanted to drive but was stopped from doing so by my father. This was quite a common story for women of her generation. This is exactly why she pushed me to get an education and drive. To have life opportunities and skills which she did not.

I met 15 South Asian older women. The youngest is aged 65 and the oldest is 83 years old. They had such incredible stories of times gone, sharing their memories of what it was like for them growing up as first generation Asian women in England.

They told me so many wonderful stories. It was common for Asian men to feel threatened by women's ambition and drive for independence. Some Asian men wanted their wives, sisters and daughters to be homemakers and know their place. While everyone's journey is different in this world, all the women I spoke with demonstrated strength and courage to follow your dreams.

Come and see the new film and exhibition and you can follow my journey with these inspiring Asian women.

Exhibition opens 25.05.2019

Ends 29.06.2019

Opening times: Wed - Sat: 11AM - 4PM

Location: The British Muslim School, Latifiah Fultali Complex, Lodge Road, West Bromwich, B70 8NX

Very special thank you to Pete and Brenda Whitehouse who kindly loaned me their beautiful car for use in the project.

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