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Volunteers wanted for Jambo Cinema at the Mailbox!

Presented by Birmingham 2022 Festival supported by The Mailbox

Would you like to join Dawinder Bansal and her team as a volunteer steward at her exhibition Jambo Cinema? If so, we're still searching for volunteers to help invigilate the exhibition while its on at the Mailbox. Here are a few details - register through this clicking this link.

What is the project?

The 1980's Indian Living Room & Bollywood VHS Rental Shop Experience

A multifaceted immersive exhibition emerging from a nostalgic time in artist Dawinder Bansal's childhood in Wolverhampton. The project is influenced by her time growing up as a young girl in her parents' electrical shop, Bansal Electrical, which also rented VHS Bollywood films. It draws upon her memories of watching Bollywood films with her Sikh extended family, pays homage to her Kenyan roots, and explores the social history of South Asian home entertainment in 1980s Britain.   

The Birmingham 2022 Festival iteration will feature a new short film called Asian's Don't Kiss (but we know how to make babies) inspired by the classic film Cinema Paradiso (1988) and the humorous musings of Dawinder's life growing up as a young Indian girl in the Midlands during the 1980s. Additionally, Dawinder will draw on her experiences of attending 'daytimers' which were daytime discos for young South Asians. This underground moment meant that teenage South Asians had a safe space to experience the nightlife they were forbidden to engage with due to cultural traditions and in some cases, safety from racial abuse. Nightclubs were taken over in the daytime, starting at midday and finished at 6pm. One Birmingham nightclub to hold these daytime gigs was The Dome. Dawinder will exhibit posters and material not seen by the public before and it is her hope to make this an exhibition that represented the lived South Asian experience in Birmingham and beyond.

Where is it located:

What are the opening / closing dates and times?

Open Thursday 28th July

Closes on Saturday 26th August

Exhibition is closed on Sunday and Monday throughout this period.


What are the minimum number of volunteers needed?

A minimum of 2 volunteers are needed in the exhibition while it is open to the public, so if you want to volunteer with someone you know, please share this opportunity with them.

What tasks are expected of volunteers?

· We ask each volunteer commits to a session of 4 hours.

· Uniform – smart dress, black clothes without large logos.

· Guide the audience through the exhibition and talk about the work (Frequently Asked Questions will be provided).

· Learn how to work with technology – operating DVD player and sound within the exhibition (training will be given on how to do this).

What will I get from this?

· Meet new people.

· Experience of working within a gallery in a high-profile location, the Mailbox.

· Expenses £25 per session to cover travel costs and refreshments.

What skills would be good to have?

· Good time keeping is really important.

· Confident in speaking with people or want to build this skill.

· Passionate about art, culture and film.

· Interest in immersive experiences / art.

· Can work independently or as part of a team.

· Takes initiate when needed to trouble shoot issues.

Expenses per session

Each session is around 4 hours and volunteers will receive £25 to cover travel expenses and refreshments.

This is a chance to be part of a high profile exhibition within The Mailbox. If you are interested in art and immersive experiences then please register here.


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